The father smiled a little embarrassed, raised the gift in his hand and said, "after a morning, I can't remember to buy any gift, and I don't know whether my little grandson likes it or not." Looking at her father's many big and small bags, she smiled again and said, "Dad, what else do you need to buy?" The heart is sour, see father a little stiff smile, she can't help but want to cry hug him. Walking to the street, the sun shines from behind. When to rise, the waist of Father also became rickets rise? Father carefully hid from the car beside him, but he looked at her, and said, "be careful, you look at you, how can you walk without looking at the car?" "City people are not afraid of cars, just like country people are not afraid of dogs," she said Father smiled, the wrinkles in the corner of his eyes twisted into a rope in an instant. The father saw the little grandson, also like a child, hugged the little grandson in his arms, kissed and kissed him, and said, "grandpa loves you most, only one." The love in the eyes is like overflowing. She was a little stunned, the past scattered like dust: I remember when I was a child, my father also held her in his arms, said that he hurt her, and stabbed her face with his beard Chin She felt sad and thought of the past. She thought of her mother's nagging that her father got up in the middle of the night, saying that he had a bad dream. She had to call her. He was always embarrassed to call. Mother said to her, "your father misses you, but he always pushes it on me."